Take Advantage of Our Comprehensive Grading Services

Apex Clearing and Grading is the company to call in Marietta & Carrollton, GA

Land grading isn't just for new construction projects. Property owners and landscaping contractors in the Marietta & Carrollton, GA areas can benefit from grading services. When you need to remove debris for aesthetics, safety or an exterior improvement project, hire Apex Clearing and Grading, LLC.

You can count on us to…

  • Do the heavy lifting, like hauling away boulders and fallen trees.
  • Remove unwanted features, like concrete slabs or existing structures.
  • Lay the foundation for development by digging utility trenches or creating access roads.

We do exceptional land grading work at affordable rates. Contact us now to get a free estimate.

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Stay safe-hire an excavation company

Put down the chainsaw and forget about renting an excavator. Apex Clearing and Grading has the equipment and expertise to remove trees and move soil safely.

Our crew can…

  • Solve your drainage issues by leveling your yard.
  • Remove trees or hills that are blocking your view.
  • Lay the foundation for a garden or landscaping feature.

Call 678-634-2349 now to learn more about our grading services.